Meet Our Team…

Pictured above is a small part of the team that makes IndAroma the powerhouse it has grown into over its five year history. Every person on our staff, from the dishwashers to our Executive Chef, is an integral part of our success. We have the most amazing team of dedicated individuals who give their all every single day and we certainly would not be where we are without them!

Top Indian Chef Ajay

Chef Ajay

Everyone knows the foundation of an excellent restaurant is an excellent chef. IndAroma is honored to have Chef Ajay as our creative culinary master.

Chef Ajay has been cooking amazing Indian food for 20 years. A graduate of The National Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and Applied Science in New Delhi, he also apprenticed in food production at the Indian Tourism Development Corporation. He participated in an all-India student chef competition, and won in 5 categories!

During the 10 years he spent as a chef in India, he worked for such internationally renowned 5-star hotels as the Grand Hyatt, the Metropolitan (a company of Japan Airlines), the Sheraton, and the Taj Hotel Group. In fact, he was a founding member of 3 Oriental cuisine kitchens in New Delhi:

· Enoki in the Grand Hyatt
· Sakura in the Metropolitan
· KT Grill

While representing the Grand Hyatt, he participated in the International Food Festival in New Delhi, where his team won the Gold Medal! Since his arrival in the United States, he has delighted guests at prestigious Indian restaurants; Bombay Tandoor, Rasika, and now – to our infinite delight and appreciation – IndAroma, where he has been cooking up the myriad exotic flavors of India for 5 years.

His focus is on bringing traditional Indian cuisine to an international audience, specializing in authentic flavors from every major region of his home country.

Pastry Chef Jing

If you have visited our Cake Gallery, you have seen the masterful creations of our amazing pastry chef, Jing! Her steady hands and keen eye for design and detail create the artistry that has been the hallmark of IndAroma’s wedding cakes for almost four years. We are always eager to see what her creativity and skill will dazzle us with next!

Her story:

Although Jing was admitted to the law programs at George Washington University and at William & Mary, she decided on a different path, wanting to explore the culinary and pastry arts. She attended L’Academie de Cuisine, a classical, traditional culinary school — in fact, one of the top 10 culinary schools in North America. There she learned all the basics of French pastry arts – cookies, ice cream, petit fours, etc – from very knowledgeable instructors. Her classes included only a few sections of cake instruction, but that’s all it took; she was hooked. She remembers going in on weekends to work on her cakes, and chuckles softly thinking about her fellow students’ reactions to her dedication.

After graduating 1st in her class, she took a position at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor. She worked there for a year, gaining amazing experience from talented chefs, but decided to leave so she could focus on cake decoration. To our delight and great good fortune, she came to work at IndAroma and has spent the last 3+ years perfecting her craft and developing her style.

Ironically, actually baking the cakes doesn’t interest her; she just likes “making them pretty.” She is very strong in henna work (we give her LOTS of practice!) and is a magician with fondant. Her portfolio of 3-D cakes is absolutely incredible, and is incontrovertible proof that she is a gifted food sculptor.

“I am grateful to IndAroma because they gave me an opportunity to learn so much about cake decorating,” Jing says.

Obviously, we are immensely grateful to have Pastry Chef Jing on our IndAroma team!